Pass PMP On First Try

One formula - PMBOK and Parctice Test

How to prepare for PMP certification?
Here is the quick summary of how to prepare for the PMP certification exam.

  • Focus and Dedication
  • Choose any one book (Prefer Rita's book)
  • Read twice PMBOK guide
  • Understand the concepts and study
  • Buy a commercial practice questions to practice more questions (Practice and Practice)
  • Time management is very essential for the exam

    I had recommended below schedule to many of our students, statistics shows that who had followed below schedule, they had cleared PMP Certification exam in First Attempt.

  • First Take 35 hours of Project Management training.
  • Spend first 21 days to read Full PMBOK guide( Download of PMI, if you become member of PMI). Every day spent at least 2 hours for reading. Weekends - 4 hours.
  • Again read full PMBOK guide within 15 days.
  • Give chapter wise quiz after reading every chapter from PMBOK.
  • Read PMP notes / resources within 10 days
  • Appear first PMP Practice test ( practice more, preferably use simulator )
  • Analyze marks that you have received in first practice test and revise all topics again.
  • Read PMP notes again in next 7 days.
  • Give second practice test
  • If you score 75% in practice test, then you are good to appear for PMP certification exam, if not then please read PMPBOK guide and PMP notes again.
  • With all these things, you can clear PMP exam in 1 to 2 months.

    I am one of those who cracked the exam in their first attempt and I can tell you it is no rocket science. The exam is not difficult at all if you understand the concept. I cleared it with around 100 hours of study time. This includes the practice sets as well. The secret is to understand the concepts and relate to them with your past projects. Understand where you failed in executing those projects and how the concepts could have helped you. Note that I am not saying that the project failed. I am saying where you as a PM failed to execute the project properly. For example - You are reading critical path concept. Now take a project that you have executed but one that has been delayed. Now apply the concept of critical path and see if you could have reduced the total time. Do the same for other concepts. Tips for exam:

  • 1. Reach early.
  • 2. Get plain paper.
  • 3. When the exam starts you are supposed to read instructions for 10 minutes. Read them in 2 minutes and then use the paper and write all the formulae. This will help you in exam.
  • 4. Divide the time accordingly. If you don't know the answer, move on. If you are confused about an answer, mark it so and come back later. Just don't waste too much time on a question. The objective is not to solve the question but to clear the exam.
  • 5. Read the questions carefully. You will get a few questions that are way too long but the answer is hidden in one line and that too at the end of the question.