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What is the refund policy?

If you have a non-passing score after purchasing a CertChamp Practice Exam, we will give you your money back.Claims for the guarantee must be completed within 60 days of purchasing the CertChamp Product.

Tips and Tricks to pass PMP Exam?

Attend Practice Tests - as much as possible.
Read the question and each possible answer in its entirety prior to selecting an answer. Select the best answer to each question based on the response that seems to adhere to the PMBOK and PMI.
No matter what, you have to answer all questions based on PMI and PMBOK point of view
Do not Spend Time on Lengthy and Formula Questions More than one answer might seem plausible and correct. Select the best answer from those provided rather than aiming for the "correct" answer. In some cases multiple choices among the available answers might seem equally valid, so it is important to rule out obviously incorrect choices to narrow your options.
Don't just mark a question, choose an option as well
If more than one answer seems logical, look for an answer that includes both responses. Some of your choices include "Both X and Y," "Neither X nor Y," "All of the above," or "None of the above." The inclusion of a choice that includes multiple answers does not mean it is the correct answer. Some of the choices can be tricky in this regard.
Likewise, many of the available choices include terminology, concepts, and processes endorsed by the PMBOK and PMI
During the actual computerized exam, you can mark questions for later review and/or make multiple passes through the exam.
Try to get a group together to study with, it makes it easier.

How to prepare for PMP Exam?

Read PMBOK and Practice Sample Questions, Practice and Practice. Buy one or two sample questions package from different vendors.

100% Syllabus covered from PMBOK

The 10 knowledge areas
Integration Management
Scope Management
Schedule Management
Cost Management
Quality Management
Resources Management
Communications Management
Risk Management
Procurement Management
Stakeholder Management

5 process groups are:
Initiating - These processes help you define the high-level scope of the new project and obtain approval. The main output is the project charter.

Planning - These processes help you define detailed project plans, which include the project schedule, risks, and stakeholders. The main output is the project management plan.

Executing - These are the processes you carry out to complete the project management plan. Your main output is the project deliverable.

Monitoring and controlling - These processes allow you to compare the project deliverable against the project management plan. If deviations are detected, the project manager needs to make changes to bring the project back in line with the project management plan.

Closing - Finally, these processes are used once the project is completed (or terminated). Project artifacts are archived and lessons learned are documented.

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