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Communication Management

Question - 1

You are a project manager of a project. What percent of time should you spend on communication?

A. 90

B. 30

C. 60

D. 70

A is the correct answer. Project manager should spend 90 percent of time on communication.

Question - 2

You are a project manager of a project and want to report the actual project result and the planned status. You should use?

A. Forecasting report

B. Trend reports

C. Status report

D. Variance report

D is the correct answer. variance report: An actual project result and planned result .

Question - 3

If a customer requests for additional work that is not in the contract, then what type of communication should the customer use?

A. Formal Written

B. Verbal

C. Informal Verbal

D. Noise

A is the correct answer. Formal written is to be followed for this type of request.